Nov 1, 2006...Engine Builder Magazine: "Ray Little, of RayMac Racing Engines in Texas, has a long history of building a variety of gasoline engines. “I started in a reman facility long ago, building all sorts of different passenger car gas engines. That got me into building engines for GTP racing, Trans-Am and NASCAR race cars, and then I worked at Reher-Morrison doing drag motors.”

Until recently, Little says the diesel market was strange to him. But while it may still be below many engine builders’ radar, the opportunities will continue to increase. “It’s a market that has just taken off over the past couple of years,” he says.

Little has been working with Hogues to push diesel development further along than it has been, and Little admits that, for a gasoline guy, it’s been very enlightening.

“I guess it’s because diesel burns much more smoothly than gasoline, much more controlled, further down top dead center. It still amazes me about the power levels we’re making and how little stress the bottom end of the engine actually has. Even with smaller main bolts, less clamp load on the bottom end, and with way more cylinder pressure, the caps don’t walk around nearly as much.”

Little says he’s still amazed by what he sees, although he’s beginning to accept it: “A gas motor guy would look at the power these motors make and think there’s no way the bottom end will stay in it. That’s just the way I was.”

To put it in perspective, Little points out that diesel drag motors often turn in excess of 6,000 rpm. “That’s twice what they were designed to do. Considering how heavy the reciprocating and rotating weights are on these things, it G’s out to tons! But the parts are so robust and built to last, I’m not sure where the limit is.”.... Read more.


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