So the last few days downtime has been about learning more about the Ford FE. Add to the thread anything I may have missed.

Can you fill in the blanks? How much do you know about the Ford FE? First designed under the identity of “E”. What did that “E” initially stand for and who was the model eventually named after?

“E” = _______________and eventually named
after E ________________.

The FE engine was produced from 1958 to 1976 but aftermarket support continues with replacement parts and newly redesigned/improved components.

New innovations introduced on the Ford FE vehicles were:
1) Rolling Dome Speedometer
2) Warning Lights for Low Oil Level
3) Warning Lights for Parking Brake Engaged
4) Warning Lights for Engine Overheat
5) Push Button Teletouch Transmission in the Center of the Steering Wheel
6) Self Adjusting Brakes
7) ___________ (Can you name this missing feature?)
8) Childproof rear door locks

The Ford FE is remembered mainly for its engine!

• 330 cu in, 5.400 Liter. 3.875” Bore. 3.500” Stroke
• 332 cu in, 5.400 Liter. 4.000” Bore. 3.300” Stroke
• 352 cu in, 5.800 Liter. 4.000” Bore. 3.500” Stroke
• 360 cu in, 5.900 Liter. 4.050” Bore. 3.500” Stroke
• 361 cu in, 5.900 Liter. 4.050” Bore. 3.500” Stroke (Industrial Duty Motor. Steel Crankshaft)
• 390 cu in, 6.400 Liter. 4.050” Bore. 3.780” Stroke (capable of 320hp - 401hp)
• 391 cu in, 6.400 Liter. 4.050” Bore. 3.780” Stroke (Industrial Duty Motor)
• 406 cu in, 6.700 Liter. 4.130” Bore. 3.780” Stroke
• 410 cu in, 6.700 Liter. 4.050” Bore. 3.980” Stroke
• 427 cu in, 7.000 Liter. 4.232” Bore. 3.780” Stroke (capable of 616hp and 515 ft lb of torque)
• 428 cu in, 7.000 Liter. 4.130” Bore. 3.980” Stroke (capable of 410hp)

Used in...
• Ford Galaxie
• Ford Custom 500
• Ford Mustang
• Ford Thunderbird - 3rd Gen
• Ford Thunderbird - 4th Gen
• Ford LTD
• Ford Torino
• Ford Ranchero
• Ford Talladega
• Ford Fairlane
• Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt
• F-Series Trucks, 1 Ton or Less

and several more....

The 427, known as one of the original drag race engines, came in about the same time as Nascar developed into a national sport. The 427 offered an even larger bore, cross-bolted main caps, a newly standard Y block and better performance cylinder heads. The 427 Galaxie vehicle combination allowed for weight reduction over it’s competition. Changes in sheet metal, interior parts and frame modifications created a class of 427 lightweights that are still sought after today.

Want something unique from your 427? How about the #52 of 57 total Ford Fairlanes? These vehicles were created for one use only….drag racing, most often the ¼ mile! These cars were not built for the street. These were one of the first built and modified for the drag strip, back when racers were just learning what drag strips were, and you can own one.…/4080003507136920476/5/1/427-fairlane

Well not all of us can own one because this one comes with a big price tag and sadly this Ford Fairlane has been sold (back in October of 2017) for the mere price tag of $279,999. These 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 R’s included major front-end work to accommodate the large 427 engine, lightweight seats, thin glass, aluminum and fiberglass components, and a race-only rear suspension. There are only 57 cars made in the iconic Wimbledon White. The 427 cubic-inch side oiler V8 barely fit inside the vehicle. These unique features define the 427 Ford Fairlane 500 R and make them a very rare find.

To big of a price tag? Then try this one.
until it closes on Ebay:…/1966-Ford-Fairlane-500/123432865288…

It’s a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 R. One of the original 57 also. It has a “buy it now” list price of $130,000! It also offers a place to “MAKE AN OFFER” so who knows...maybe you can get this Fairlane for much less.

I did see many other 427 Ford Fairlanes for sale but not in the iconic white. They did range from $20,000 - $40,000 for those that want to restore your own or get one a little less rare.

Today there are several manufacturers making modern parts that allow for major stroke increases for the corresponding displacement increase and even that can be supported by modern cylinder heads and engine management systems. The 360 and 390’s were very common and can easily be made into 445 cubic inch power houses!! To get even more power message me and I can set up a time for you to talk to Ray (Owner of Raymac Racing Engines) about the best power for the budget combinations available.

That’s all I have for today. There was lots to learn and I’m sure lots and lots more to come but that is all on the FE and the 427 for now.

So did you know all of that about the FE? Are you smarter than a girl?.......More from me soon. Make sure you keep up with a girl! ;)

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E = Experimental

FE = Ford Edsel

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