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 Ignition - Distributors, Wires & Starters by Raymac Racing Engines

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Comparing Distributor/Starter pricing: US vs THEM…..

$105 vs $118 Import HEI w/ Moroso Wires

$117 vs $129 Race HEI GM

$140 vs $145 Race HEI 302 Ford

$140 vs $145 Race HEI 351 Windsor

$181 vs $191 MSD Street Fire 5591

$ 353 vs $409 MSD HEI Pro Billet Distributor 8365

$144 vs $153 MSD HEI Street Fire Chevrolet 8362

$240 vs $254 MSD Chevy V-8 Pro Billet Distributor 85551

$282 vs $302 MSD Slip Collar Pro Billet Distributor 85561

$267 vs $298 MSD Crank Trigger SBC 8” Balancer 8615

$304 vs $334 MSD Crank Trigger BBC 8” Balancer 8620

$215 vs $265 MSD Crank Trigger Distributor Chevy V-8 84697

$83 vs $102 MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Univ. Wire Set 31199

Comparing MSD Starter pricing:

$245 vs $288 Chevy V-8 5095

$264 vs $296 LS Engines 5096


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09/05/18 For our Scat customers..... California law now requires any reseller of Scat products to inform it's customers of the following (in accordance with Proposition 65): WARNING: May Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. The notice also states that SCAT will be placing warning labels on those products effected (affixed to products, labels or packaging).