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 Ignition - Distributors, Wires & Starters by Raymac Racing Engines

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Comparing Distributor/Starter pricing: US vs THEM…..

$105 vs $118 Import HEI w/ Moroso Wires

$117 vs $129 Race HEI GM

$140 vs $145 Race HEI 302 Ford

$140 vs $145 Race HEI 351 Windsor

$181 vs $191 MSD Street Fire 5591

$ 353 vs $409 MSD HEI Pro Billet Distributor 8365

$144 vs $153 MSD HEI Street Fire Chevrolet 8362

$240 vs $254 MSD Chevy V-8 Pro Billet Distributor 85551

$282 vs $302 MSD Slip Collar Pro Billet Distributor 85561

$267 vs $298 MSD Crank Trigger SBC 8” Balancer 8615

$304 vs $334 MSD Crank Trigger BBC 8” Balancer 8620

$215 vs $265 MSD Crank Trigger Distributor Chevy V-8 84697

$83 vs $102 MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Univ. Wire Set 31199

Comparing MSD Starter pricing:

$245 vs $288 Chevy V-8 5095

$264 vs $296 LS Engines 5096


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09/05/18 California law now requires any reseller of California based manufactured parts (including by not limited to Dart, Race Winning Brands, AFR, Scat and Brodix) to inform it's customers of the following (in accordance with Proposition 65): WARNING: May Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. The notice also states these California based part manufacturers will be placing warning labels on those products effected (affixed to products, labels or packaging).