BBC 360cc 24 Degree


360cc Big Block Chevy 24 Degree

Our big brother to the 345cc head, the 360cc Rectangle Port BBC head is hands-down the highest flowing standard port configuration BBC head for the money. The 360cc head features full CNC porting, EV-8 stainless steel 2.300" intake / 1.900" exhaust valves with 11/32" stems, magnesium-bronze guides, super-clean chrom-silicon dual valve springs, premium chromoly retainers and locks, and a race-radius valve job. Matching all of it with huge flowing CNC ported runners make our 360cc an incredible value. Compatible with most open-chamber, off-the-shelf pistons and standard stud-style rockers.




• Material: A56-T6

Combustion Chamber Volume: 119cc

Intake Port Volume: 360cc

• Intake Port Location: Stock

Intake Valve Diameter: 2.300

Intake Valve Length: +.250

Intake Valve Stem Diameter: .341

Exhaust Port Volume: 110cc +

Exhaust Port Location: +.250

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.900

Exhaust Valve Length: +.100

Exhaust Valve Stem Diameter: .341

Valve Seals: P5049 11/32 x 500

Valve Springs Pocket Diameter: 1.625

Valve Spring Cups: SC100/SC102

Valve Spring Retainers: P410/P1071

Valve Stem Locks: P309/10 Degree

Valve Springs, hydraulic: P1016

Valve Springs, Solid ft hydraulic roller: P1100

Valve Springs, Solid roller P1125/P1132+

Guide Plates: P42164

Rocker Arm Studs: P42277

Rocker Arm Types: P156 stud / shaft T&D / Jessel


Starting at $850 each for as cast (360 cfm)

$1275 for CNC’d (441 cfm) hydraulic roller assembly.

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