BBC Magnum


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Our BBC Magnum Crankshafts are available in the following configurations:


  Stroke Main Pins   Part #       MSRP
Tier 1                  
  4.000 2.750 2.200   BBO42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.250 2.750 2.200   BBP42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.375 2.750 2.200   BBB42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.500 2.750 2.200   BBQ42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.750 2.750 2.200   BBS42B-MG       Free Quote
Tier 2 3.750 2.750 2.200   BBJ42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.125 2.750 2.200   BBU42B-MG       Free Quote
  4.625 2.750 2.200   BBR42B-MG       Free Quote
Tier 3 All other Strokes, Bearing and Main Combinations  Including the Following    
  4.875 2.750 2.200   BBI42B-MG       Free Quote
  5.000 2.750 2.200   BBV42B-MG       Free Quote
  5.300 2.750 2.200   BB542B-MG       Free Quote


Custom under sizes up to .0015 available. 4.900 Spread Bore Crankshafts also available.

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