LS BFH 427-440



  • BFH 427-440 Cubic Inch (Also 438-451 Cubic Inch) with Block Options by Raymac Racing Engines





    Rotating Assembly $2634 / Rotating Assembly & Block $4624

    Dart SHP Block, 4.125-4.185 Bore

    9.240” Deck 26 Bolt (LSX Style Deck) up to 4.100 Stroke 438-468 cubic inches.

    Dart Small Parts & Cam Bearing Kit

    Callies Compstar 4.00” Stroke

    Manley “H” Beam Rods, 4340, 8740 Rod Bolts

    JE/SRP Dish, Flat Top or Dome Pistons. Asymmetrical Forged Side Relief & Skirt. Thicker Deck & Ring Lands for Power Adder use.

    JE ProSeal 1.2/1.5/2.5mm Nitrited Steel Ring Set

    King Alecular Rod & Main Bearings with Performance Clearances


    Heads & Top End $2611

    Brodix BR3 Head Assembly. 2.165/1.590 Valves Hydraulic Roller .700 Lift Springs. 348/206 cfm

    JE/Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

    ARP Head Studs (LSX Style)


    Cam Kit $620

    JE or Cometic Custom Ground Steel Camshaft (your choices of solid or hydraulic roller)

    Double Tru-Roller Timing Set with Steel Billet Gears & Nine Position Crank Sprocket


    Cam & Lifters Kit  $1180

    Custom Cam (above) with Comp Cams Limited Travel Lifters

    (Morel Link Bar Competition Available)

    Or Solid, Mechanical High Pressure Oiled Axle Roller Lifters


       Comp Cams Ultra Gold and Hardened Sharp Aluminum Roller Rockers available. Also Jesel & Comp Cams Shaft Rocker Systems.


    AFR 230 (+$75), 245 (+$168) and 260cc (+$189) Heads Available

    Dart Pro1 225cc +$309

    Dart Pro1 250cc +$1055

    Dart Pro1 280cc (price upon request)

    Brodix BR3 CNC Ported Upgrade 364/234 cfm +$1600

    Callies Compstar 4.100 Stroke +$423 (up to 451 cubic inches)

    Brodix BR7 as cast (Must be used with Jesel Rockers) (price upon request)

    BR7BS Brodix also available. CNC, 437/267 CFM (price upon request)

    • Custom T Sump Oil Pan (8qt Cap & Road Racing/Drift Capability available)

    • Moroso, Stefs and Champ Oil Pans available.

    • We also deal Holley, FAST & MSD Fuel Injection Systems, Holly & Edelbrock Manifolds, Carburetors and Distributor Drive Systems.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Prices good through Jan 1st, 2018)


  • Raymac Racing Engines




  • (Price subject to change and is based on availability.)

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