LS BFH ++ 2000hp



  • LS BFH ++ 2000hp Capability by Raymac Racing Engines



    (+ Dart Next Upgrade with Mechanical Camshaft)

    Rotating Assembly & Block $6991

    Dart Next 4.125 Bore 9.240 Deck, 7/10-⅜ Studs, Non Skirted Block

    Manley I Beam “Turbo” 4340 Rods, ARP 2000 Bolts

    Callies Magnum 4.00 Stroke Magnum Crankshaft, Blower Keyed

    JE Dish Pistons 4.125 Bore, 34.9cc Dish, Forged Side Relief, 2618 Forged

    JE ProSeal Steel Nitrited Ring Set 1.2/1.5/3.0 mm

    JE Piston Pin Upgrade to .200 Wall 93c Pins

    Clevite “H” Series Rods & Main Bearings, Performance/Blown Clearances

    Heads & Top End $5538

    Brodix BR7BS “As Cast” Cylinder Heads 2.04 x 1.614 Steel Valves, PAC 1325 Roller Springs

    ARP Next Head Studs, 7/16-⅜ 26 Bolt Kit

    Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

    Jesel 1.75/1.7 Pro Series HD Rocker Shaft System

    Trend ⅜ .080 Wall 4130 Pushrods

    Cam Drive & Lifters $1290

    Custom Ground Steel Camshaft, Mechanical Roller

    Comp Cams High Pressure Oil, Mechanical Roller LIfters

    Double Tru Roller Timing Set with Billet Steel Gears & 9 Position Sprocket

    Oil System $1223

    Custom Champ Next Pan with Pickup, Pull Truck, Full Sump

    Melling HV Oil Pump

    Polish Aluminum Fabricated 2.5” Tall LS Valve Covers with or without Coil Mounts

    Polished Accessories $475

    GM Front & Rear Cover

    Spark plugs, Pan, Front & Rear Cover Gaskets, Oil Filter, Oil Filter Adaptor, Oil lines

    Parts $15,517

    Hone Block with Torque Plates

    Deck Block

    Disassemble, Inspect, Lap, Set Heights, Reassemble Heads

    Fit Piston Pins & Rods

    Polish Crankshaft

    Final Wash All Parts

    Assemble Engine, Selectively Fit Bearings, File Fit Rings, Degree Camshaft, Check Compression and Piston to Valve Clearance, Professionally Assemble

    Labor $1764


    Parts & Labor $17281

    Price increased by using…

  • Next Block and Custom Oil Pan

  • Manley I Beam Pro Series

  • JE Pin Upgrade

  • 2000 hp Capable Long Block