10 Liter

 632 - 10L Engine

Engine Specifications & Materials

• 620 ft/lbs @ 1800 RPM, 245hp @ 2200 RPM

• Type: 90 Degree 10.0L V8

• Displacement: 632 cubic inches 

• Compression Ratio: 11:0

• Valve Configuration: Overhead/Pushrod Actuated

• Valve Lifters: Hydraulic Roller

• Bore x Stroke: 4.60 x 4.75 in 

• Block Cast from High Nickel 220 BHN Cast Iron

• J-E Custom Forged 2618 Full Round 4-Ring Pistons

• Dart Forged Steel 4340 Center Counterweighted Crankshaft, Blower Keyed for Front Drive

• Extreme Duty 4340 Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods

• Custom Double True Roller Timing Chain with Hardened Billet Gears

• Proprietary Propane Compatible Valve Seats and Extreme Duty Valves

• Main Bearing Caps: 5, 4 Bolt Steel Billet Main Caps

• Rotators on all Valves and Hardened Rocker Arms and Push Rods

• Balance Method: Internal

• Intake Manifold: Single Plane Aluminum

• Firing Order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

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