555 Bracket Motor 900+HP


555 Bracket Motor 440cfm 14.6:1 (900+HP, 750ft/lbs) Purchase as kit or fully assembled. See options below.
by Raymac Racing Engines

Dart Sportsman 9.8 x 4.560

Dart Valley Lug Kit

Dart Block Parts Kit

Callies 5140 4.25, Internal Balanced

Rods, Scat 6.385 “H” Beam ARP 8740 Bolts

JE Pistons 4.560 x 1.270, 45cc Dome

JE Ring Set 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 Rings

JE Head Gaskets, MLS .041 Thick

ARP Head Studs

365cc CNC 441 CKM Heads

Bullet Custom Camshaft 4-7 Swap

Comp Cams High Pressure Oil Roller Lifters, Mechanical

Timing Chain, Thrust Bearing, Lock Plate

Chrome GM Timing Cover

Moroso Steel 8qt Stroker Drag Pan w/Tray

Moroso HV Pump w/Welded Pickup, Steel Drive Shaft

ATI Balancer Intake Balance, Balancer Bolt

Chrome “gold” rocker arms

Stud Girdle w/ Poly Locks

Polished Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

ProPower 4500 Rectangle Port Intake

Trend Pushrods 8.600/9.300

QuickFuel 1150

4 Hole over Open Spacers, Combo

Import MSD Copy

Moroso Wires

Plugs, Oil, Filter, Filter Adaptor, Intake, Pan, Timing Cover, Timing Cover Bolts, Clamp, Dist

Pan Gasket, Timing Cover Gasket, Intake Gasket, Valve Cover Gaskets

Engine Parts Kit

Parts: $11,831

Hone Cylinders Torque Plates & Valley Lugs

Deck Block

Pin Fit Pistons & Rods

Polish Crank & Cam

Check Heads, Lap Valves

Wash All Parts, Final

Assemble, Complete; Fit Bearings, File Fit Rings, Degree Cam, Check Compression & Pistons to Valve Clearance. Build Book.


Labor: $2,260

Total Parts & Labor: $14,091


Steel Main Caps Upgrade $387

Dart 345 Upgrade $350

ARP 2000 Bolt Upgrade $90


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