LS 468 1050HP PLUS




  • LS 468 10 Degree 1050hp Engine Kit or Build




    468 LS 10 Degree - 1050hp 14.5:1 KIT (with build option)

    Block $2400 (Block at this sale price with rotating assembly)

    Dart Next Iron 9.450 Deck 4.185 Bore

    Rotating Assembly $6040
    Callies Magnum 4.250, Internally Balanced, 58t Reluctor
    JE Custom FSR Pistons 4.185 Bore 1.065 C/D 9.0cm3 14.5:1 Compression with 70cc heads
    Gas Ported, Upgraded Pin
    JE ProSeal Ring Set 1.2 / 1.5 / 3mm Nitrided Steel
    Manley 6.250L ProSeries I Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
    King XP Extreme Duty Rod & Main Bearings

    SHORT BLOCK ONLY $8440 (Block & Rotating Assembly)



    Heads & Top End $12,335
    Dart 10 Degree 368cc LX Next Heads, Canted 2.300 / 1.600 Titanium Valves
    456/315 CFM, Reversed Symmetrical Port Layout 57cc Chamber
    Jesel 1.8/1.75 Shaft Rocker System
    Dart/ARP Head Stud Kit
    Cometic MLX Head Gaskets
    Dart Fabricated Valve Covers
    Dart Box Ram Intake
    Dart Pent Roof Billet Top Plate
    Trend ⅜” Push Rods, 4130
    LS Next Valley Plate

    Cam, Lifters & Drive $1850
    Custom Bullet Mechanical Roller Camshaft, reversed valve pattern
    Comp Cams High Pressure Oiled Mechanical Roller Lifters
    Double Tru Roller Timing Set with Steel Billet Gears, 9 Position Roller Thrust

    Oil System & Carb $5685
    Custom External Pump Drag Race Fabricated
    Oil Pan with Full Kickout & Windage Tray
    Stock Car Products External Oil Pump & Drive
    ATI 3 Bolt 7” Balancer
    Wegner Distributor Drive System
    QuickFuel 1250 4 Circuit Dominator
    MSD Distributor
    MSD 8.5mm Wire Set
    Dist Clamp, Oil Filter Mount, Oil, Filter, Front & Rear Gasket, Rear Cover & Seal, Front Seal, Plugs, Oil, Intake Gaskets, Hardware


    Labor $3700
    Bore Block .060
    Hone Cylinders with Torque Plate (23 Bolt)
    Zero Deck Block
    Stroker Clearance Block
    Polish Crank
    Fit Pistons & Rods
    Machine Intake Manifold for Fogger Nozzles, port match
    Lap Valves, Back cut, Set Spring Heights & Assemble
    Professionally Assemble: Selectively Fit Bearings, File Fit Rings, Degree Camshaft, Set Camshaft & Crankshaft End Play, Check Piston/Valve Clearance, Set Compression, Setup Valvetrain Geometry, Complete Build Book, Assemble
    Dyno Test & Tune

    Total Parts $28,310
    Labor $3700
    Total Parts & Labor $32,010


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