427 LS Short Block



  • 427 LS Short Block


    427 LS Next Short Block (8CW) - ASSEMBLED

    • LS3/LS7 Compatible
    • Internally Balanced
    • Special High Performance LS NEXT Dart Block
    • 4.125” Bore x 4.000” Stroke
    • Plate Honed Cylinders
    • Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft (8 Counterweight)
    • Forged 4340 H Beam Rods - 7/16” Cap Screws
    • Forged Flat Top Pistons w/Full Floating Pin
    • MAHLE Rings
    • Clevite Bearings
    • Coated Cam Bearings
    • 24 Tooth or 58 Tooth Reluctor

    LS3/LS7 Flat Top or Dished Pistons (msg us for price quote)

    Billet Crank Short Block $7315
    Forged Crank Short Block $6626

    * For those deer hunters that just looked up from their hunt to realize race season is just around the corner! This is an assembled short block manufactured and assembled by Dart. They are well assembled trusted race engine short blocks. With good heads these can make 750-800hp N/A. Free freight until April 1st.

    * For those in need that can't wait on us... these do not have pop up pistons or custom parts (no substitutions) but are good overall race engine parts with a quicker turn around. Don't dismiss these due to the flat-top. These can get 12-13.5:1 compression depending on heads & deck clearance. We can also get down to 8.5:1 for power adder guys


502 LS Short Block



  • 502 LS Short Block (Kit or Build) by Raymac Racing Engines



    • RHS Aluminum 4.125 Bore, 9.750 Deck, +.388 Cam Location

    • Callies Billet 4.600 Stroke Ultra Billet, Internally Balanced Crankshaft,

    • Manley 6.300 inch “H” Beam 4340 Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts

    • JE FSR 4.165 Bore Pistons 1.120 C/D Compression 10.3 to 14.7:1 with 70cc Head

    • JE 1.2 Steel, Nitrited, 1.5mm Napier & 30mm Oil Ring Set

    • Michigan Clevite “H” Bearings

    • Comp Cams Timing Chain Steel Roller Thrust, Single Pole, Tru Roller, Double Row

    • Comp Cams or Bullet Custom Camshaft

    • Comp Cams +.388 Front Cover with Cam Sensor

    • Comp Cams LS3/L92 or LS-7 Intake Spacer Plates


    • Bore Block 4.165

    • Hone Block with Torque Plates & Valley Lugs (for 26 Bolt Head)

    • Zero Deck Block

    • Pin Fit Rods & Pistons

    • Balance Rotating Assembly

    • Polish Crankshaft

    • Final Wash All Parts

    • Professionally Assemble: Selectively Fit Bearings, File Fit Rings, Degree Camshaft, Set Camshaft & Crankshaft End Play, Check Piston/Valve Clearance, Set Compression, Setup Valvetrain Geometry, Complete Build Book, Assemble

    Short Block Kit $9974

    Cam Kit with Spacers & Timing Cover $1179

    Total Parts (Kit Form)  $11,153

    Total Labor $1400

    Total Parts (Assembled Short Block) & Labor $12,553

    (Use your LS Pan & Accessories)

    Additional Options:

    Timing Sets Available (Single Pole or Four Pole)

    Crankshafts have Choice or 24+ or 58+

    Manley Pro Series "I" Beam Rods with  ARP 2000 Bolts +$725

    Dart Next 9.750 Deck +.388 Cam Height, Aluminum Block +$250

    Dart 351c (2.750) Mains with ½ inch Main Studs +$675

    GRP Aluminum 550 Pro Series Rods Available +$735

    Comp Cam Gear Drive Upgrade Available

    Recommend Dart Race Series 10 Degree Cylinder Heads, 12 Degree 285 CNC or Brodix BR7BS 12 Degree Cylinder Heads (Call for applications)


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