8.1L Options



  • 8.1L Options


    8.1 Liters are no longer available from GM. Online there are 454's available but why

    just overhaul or replace when you can drastically upgrade!!

    Experience the power, efficiency and durability of the Raymac 598 - 9.8L.


    598 cu in3 - 9.8L Marine

    This engine is derived from our Industrial power plants that have a 20,000hr service life.

    (Engine assembly includes complete engine less ignition, intake and fuel system)

    • Dart extreme duty block cast of high nickel 220 BHN Cast Iron

    • Dart 4340 forged steel center counterweighted crankshaft, blower keyed snout

    • Manley 4340 forged steel "H"- Beam rods w/ARP 2000 bolts

    • J-E Flat top, full round forged 2618 pistons 10.5:1 compression

    • Dart Gen VII (7) heads w/extreme duty seats & valves

    • Hydraulic roller camshaft & lifters

    • Hardened rocker arms and heavy duty valve train

    • Marine 9qt oil pan and matching fully welded pickup.


    Optional intake manifolds, compressions for blown applications, smaller and larger displacements also available.



  • (Price subject to change and is based on availability.)

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