622 BBC All AL 1050HP



  • 622 BBC All Aluminum (Conventional) 1050HP

    (Ready to Assemble) Complete Engine Kit



  • Block & Rotating Assembly: $7115

    BMP 4.500 x 10.200 Aluminum Block

    Crankshaft Dart 4.750 Center Counterweighted, Blower Keyed, 4340

    Manley Rods 6.700 H Beam ARP 2000 Bolts

    Custom Pistons JE 15.5:1 Comp

    JE Rings .043, 1/16, 3/16

    Alecular Bearings King Mains, Clevite Rods

    Camshaft & Drive: $1399

    Comp Cams Pressure Oil Mechanical Roller Lifters

    Bullet Custom Camshaft 4-7 Fire Order Swap

    Tru Roller, Billet Geared, Torrington Thrust Timing Set w/ Roller Button, Lockplate

    Chrome GM Timing Cover

    ATI Balancer, Internal Balance & Balancer Bolt

    Heads & Valvetrain: $7085

    Dart 20 Degree, 440cc, 2.400/1.800, 97cc

    T&D Rocker System

    ARP Aluminum Block Head Studs

    JE/Cometic MLS Head Gasket

    Dart Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers & Gaskets

    Trend Push Rods

    Intake & Carb: $1600

    Profiler Snyper Internal 1x4

    Quickfuel 1250

    Oil System: $785

    Oil System Moroso Fabricated Aluminum Oil Pan

    Moroso High Volume Oil Pump

    Ignition & Finish Out: $538

    2 Wire Ring Distributor

    Moroso Plug Wires

    Plugs, Oil, Oil Filters, Oil Filter Adaptor, Pan Gasket, Intake Gasket, Internal Bolts,

    Valve Cover Studs, Timing Cover Bolts, Valley Bolts

    Labor: $550

    Bore Block to 4.560

    Stroker Clearance Block

    Hone Block w/Plate

    Wash & Install Cam Bearings

    Total $19,072


    Additional Options:

    • Snyper 2x4 Intake w/ Plate & Carb &

    Linkage & ½ Spacers +$2030 (1100HP+)

    • Manley Rods I Beam +$850



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