605 BBC Mild/Wild


605 BBC Mild to Wild Rotating Assembly, Short Block and Long Block Options
by Raymac Racing Engines

Mild to Wild 605in Engine Kit (11.2:1 with 118cc) (11.75:1 with 112cc)

Mild to Wild 605in Rotating Assembly Kit (Short Block & Long Block Kit Options) $2300

• Dart 4.5” Stroke Balanced Crankshaft

• Wiseco/ProTru 4.625 Bore Pistons with 8cc Dome

• JE ProSeal Ring Set

• Scat 6.700 H Beam Rods, 8740 Bolts

• King Aluminum Alecular Rod & Main Bearings

Optional Extras:

• World 10.2 Deck 4.625 Bore Block +$2100

    (Block at this price only when purchased with rotating assembly)

320cc Rectangle Port Aluminum Heads, Hydraulic Roller 360 cfm +$1500/pr

    ( Heads at this price only when purchased with block or rotating assembly)

345cc Dart Heads (if purchased with Rot. Assy.) Hydraulic Roller 399/284 cfm +$2500/pr

    ( Heads at this price only when purchased with block or rotating assembly)

JE/SRP High Compression Upgrade 14.6:1 with 118cc, 4.600 Bore +$250

Manley H Beam, ARP 2000 Bolts +$100


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