4.8 LS Kit Turbo Pistons (2020)




4.8 Piston & Rod Packages $1490



1300 HP Capability - Performance Parts

4.8 JE/SRP Forged Pistons with FSR Flat Top or Inverted Dome

For Compression Ratios of 8.0 to 10.0:1.

JE 1.2 / 1.5 / 3mm Chrome Faced Steel Ring Set for Power Adder Applications

Manley LS H Beam Rods, ARP 8740 Bolts




4.8 JE/SRP Forged Piston 3.790 Bore, 3.268 Stroke, 6.278 Rod Length, 9.0:1 @ 61cc Head, 

-4.7 Dome Volume .010 Oversize

JE ProSeal Nitrided Steel Ring Set for Power Adder Applications

Manley LS 6.300 Long 4340 “H” Beam Rods, ARP 8740 Bolts


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** Available in std & .010 oversize

(ARP 2000 Bolt Upgrade +$85)





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Raymac Racing Engines Written by Raymac 21745

648 M2 900hp


648 BBC 900hp, 875 ft/lbs 11.0:1 Compression
by Raymac Racing Engines

Block $2500 (Discounted to $2500 with purchase of Rotating Assembly)

Dart M2 4.600 Bore, 10.2 Deck +.400, Small Parts Kit

Dart Valley Kit


CNC Stroker Clearanced Aluminum Rod, 4.750 Stroke $375

Rotating Assembly $5134

Callies 4.875 Magnum 4340 Crankshaft, Internally Balanced

Manley Pro Series I Beam Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts

JE Flat Top Pistons 11.0:1 compression w/118cc heads

JE ProSeal Plasma Moly 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 Ring Set

King XP Extreme Race Duty Rod & Main Bearings

Cam Drive & Cam Kit $2552

Jesel .+400 Cam Belt Drive

Bullet Custom 3 Piece Mechanical Roller Camshaft, Everwear Dist Gear

Comp Cams High Pressure Oiled Mechanical Lifters

Heads & Top End $5950

Dart Pro2 380 CNC 2.350/1.850 434/330CFM@.800L, 1.625 Double Springs, Inconel Ex Valves

Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

Comp Cams Steel Rocker Arms

Dart Stud Girdle

Trend Pushrods

Polished Cast Aluminum Tall Valve Covers

Oil System $1159

14qt Custom Moroso Wet Sump Oil Pan, H/D Marine

Solid Louvered, Partitioned Windage Tray

Decel & Accel Baffles/Trap Doors

¼ NPT Dip Stick Access Port

½ NPT Head Drains

High Volume High Pressure Fully Welded Oil Pump Pickup

Fuel & Ignition System, Packaging $5134

Edelbrock Super Victor Intake Manifold

QuickFuel 1050 2 Circuit Carburetor

MSD Dual Pickup Dist (for redundant ignition system)

Dual MSD 6 Marine Ignition Boxes GM-3L

Dual MSD Pro Power Ignition Coils

MSD Coil Selector

MSD Crank Trigger

MSD 8.5mm Wire Set (Custom)

MSD Fire Shield

ATI Balancer

Edelbrock Victor Water Pump 

MSD Starter

Oil Pan Gaskets, Intake Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Oil, Plugs, Filter, Filter Adaptor, Oil Pump Drive Shaft, Fuel Pump Block Off Plate, Rear Main Seal, Hardware, Dist Clamp, Balancer Bolt, Spark Plugs, 1” Carb Spacer

Labor $2900

Hone Cylinders with Torque Plate & Lugs

Pin Fit Pistons & Rods

Polish Crankshaft

Stroker Clearance (Final) Debur Block, Chamfer Cylinders

Deck Block

Disassemble Heads, Clean, Lap Valves, Set Spring Heights, Reassemble

Final Wash All Parts

Modify Rods & Lifters for Additional Coolant Oil

Modify Plenum, Radius on Intake & Port Match

Professionally Assemble: Selectively Fit Bearings, File Fit Rings, Degree Camshaft, Set Camshaft & Valvetrain Geometry, Complete Build Book, Assemble

Dyno Test & Tune


Total Parts $22,804 (sold as kit)


Total Parts & Labor $25,704 (sold as build)


Optional Additions:

+$1100 T&D Shaft Rocker System

605 BBC 1000hp


605 BBC ALUMINUM 850ft/lbs 1000hp Rotating Assembly, Short Block and Long Block Options
by Raymac Racing Engines

Block $4700 (Block at this sale price with rotating assembly purchase)

BMP Aluminum 10.2 x 4.500 Block


Rotating Assembly $3165

JE 4.500 1.120 C/D 42cc Dome 14.2:1 Compression with 122cc

JE ProSeal Steel Nitrided Ring Set .043 / .043 / 3mm

Manley 6.700” H Beam Rods ARP Bolts

Manley 4.750 Crankshaft 4340 Center Counterweighted

Internally Balanced

King XP Race Duty Rod & Main Bearings


SHORT BLOCK (Block & Rotating Assembly) $7865





Dart 345 Pro1 Top End $4125

Dart 345 Pro1 2.300/1.880 Valves, Mechanical Roller Assembly

ARP Head Studs

Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

Comp Cam Ultra Pro Steel, Roller Rockers

Dart Stud Girdle

Tall Cast Aluminum Valve Covers, Polished

Trend / Comp ⅜ 4130 Pushrods


Cam Kit $1310

Comp/Bullet Mechanical Roller Camshaft

Comp High Pressure Oiled Lifters

Double Row, Tru Roller, Billet Geared, Roller Thrust Timing Set with Lockplate & Roller Button

Chrome “GM” Timing Cover with Seal


Oil System $1050

Moroso Full Kick Out Aluminum Sportsman Oil Pan with Partitioned Windage Tray

Moroso Billet Aluminum Oil Pump with Hardened Driveshaft



Short Block Kit (Block & Rotating Assembly) $7865

Complete Kit $14350



Machine & Assemble Short Block $1300


Machine & Assemble Complete Engine $2100


Machine & Assemble Complete Engine, Plus Dyno Test & Tune $2900



ATI Balancer

Profile / Edelbrock / Dart Intakes

QuickFuel / ATM Carbs

Jesel Cam Drive, Rocker Systems

By Raymac Racing Engines



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