The attention to detail, accuracy and performance required to develop World Record Breaking Race Engines, that will last, takes the micro focus of one extensively trained engine builder. Ray Little is that man. Ray Little is the ONLY engine builder here at Raymac Racing Engines. This limits the engines we do become involved in but our success, performance and longevity of our products speak for itself. We refuse to allow inexperienced hands involved in something so important as your race engine!


Family Owned and Operated


We are a family owned and operated business. Based out of Mansfield, Texas. Some of our specialties are large power adder pro-mods, endurance engines, circle track and road races, LS based ultra performance street/race engine building.

We have also developed a line of street, hot rod, industrial/agricultural "Dura-mac" engines. As a result of 30 years of research/development and partnerships with manufacturing companies we have accumulated an extensive supply of cutting edge (Redeveloped by Raymac) parts and components. Our prices can't be beat and the level of quality and development put into each part is something you won't find anywhere else. 

After months and sometimes years of research our partner manufacturing companies, under the advise of Ray Little, remanufacture these parts to a new level of performance. As a result of our assistance to the manufacture we then use these parts to create our World Record Breaking Motors. 

We sell race parts at wholesale prices direct to the public!! 

Call Sherrie @ 940.594.0350 for a free quote on any performance parts!



About the Engine Builder

Ray Little, owner and engine builder, has over 30 years engine building experience in dirt track, circle track, hydro, industrial, nitrous, bracket, diesel, sprint, modifiers, restrictors and power adder motors. 

Raymac Racing Engine's speciality is ultra performance LS racing engines. 

ALL of the motors built by Raymac are built by one engine builder, Ray Little. Raymac is NOT a mass production line. We deal in ultra performance race engine building, research & development and parts manufacturing for our customers. 

We are NOT a public 9am - 5pm auto mechanics shop or stock parts warehouse.

We ARE a family owned and operated business dedicated to BREAKING RECORDS with motors that will last. Our priority is safety and speed. Unlike many motor shops inexperienced hands will NEVER touch our engines. 

Ray Little is the man you will speak to when establishing your needs, developing an estimate and through all the steps to creating the engine of your dreams. 

The components & parts we use on our motors are manufactured after months and sometimes years of research and development. These cutting edge components & parts are now available to you. We now sell race parts at wholesale prices direct to the public!!

Call Sherrie @ 940.594.0350 for a free quote on any performance part!

If your looking for quality and performance you've found the right place!


We work hard and play harder. Ray's son and nephew are featured in the Mansfield Now Magazine, Septer 2013 edition. Way to go boys!



July 2017

Congratulations to the Cervantes Clan AGAIN, with both coming in with wins! You make winning look easy!



May 2017

Congratulations Cervantes Clan!! Another win, of many! It's awesome to have customers that make us look so good! Keep those wins coming in! I'll work on getting you those stickers. #ArkansasFootbrakeThrowdown #FootBrakeRacing #2nd Place  #$10,000Winner


Blast from the past. Love finding old articles on our customers:

"Quickest Diesel
Greg Hogue, Aledo, TX, ’03 Dodge Ram 2500

A lot of cars were tuned rich for safety’s sake, but none of them could match the smoke show of this Ram with a hot-rodded 5.9L Cummins diesel. Working with Diesel Power magazine’s David Kennedy, the oil-burner ran as quick as 11.84! Not bad for a truck that had 210,000 miles on it when they started the buildup. It finished 14th with a 12.03 average
Power Combo: The stock 5.9L Cummins has a Raymac Racing Engines cylinder head (it’s a straight-six), a Bullitt cam, and a Nitrous Express two-stage progressive system. It makes 860 hp at 2,900 rpm and a completely stupid 1,648 lb-ft of torque at only 2,200 rpm.
Best E.T. and MPH: 11.84 at 110.05 mph"


March 2017

Congratulations Stephen Chase. Great finish line photo!


 February 2016

Thank you Marcus Cervantes for the great testimonial!

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August 2015

Livin tha Dream WINS Pro Mod. "Our 7.05 .015rt beat his 6.989 .230rt" - 2nd year in a row, at Augusta Southern Nationals!

 August 2014

 Another win!! Way to go Marty Logan. Back-to-Back Lucas Oil Drag Boat wins! Keep them coming!

July 2014

Way to go Al Mallory and the Mallory Print team for a first place win in Jr. NE1 (SHRA, San Antonio)


July 2014

Congrats on the 1st place win! Way to go Marty Logan!



Al Mallory returns to racing....

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